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Nature Plan Baby Budgie Food With Egg and Honey 400 g

Nature Plan Baby Budgie Food, regarding the food habits of budgies in nature, has a composition which can satisfy the physical and biological needs at maximum level. Moreover, it is a complete bird food which is supoorted by unique cereal mixtures, vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics, calcium and honey. High protein rate, which is supported by egg and pastry products, and extra added lysine and methionine accelerate the optimal growth. Ingredients: Millet (white millet, yellow millet,red millet, black millet), canary seed, flax seed, wild seeds, oat seed, niger seed, hemp seed, CaCO3, oyster shell, Prebiotic (saccharomyces cerevisiae (CNCM I-1077)), Probiotic (bacillus toyoi), marine algae (calcareous marine algae), honey powder, vegetable oil, wheat flour, pasteurized egg, fuit flavour, colorants. Feeding Advice: It is advisable to feed nearly 10 gr per pet (1 tablespoon) daily.

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