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Nature Plan Iron Sensetive - Softbill Toucan & Maynah

Because of toucan and maynah birds are sensitive to iron , toucan and maynah foods should include iron in a certain range (60-120ppm). The diet prepared for these special birds meets their all needs.There is no need for another food supplement. It is supported by a special vitamin premix which doesn’t include mineral. Feeding Advice: It is advised to feed the birds which have iron sensibility with the 75% of their daily feeding programme. The 25% of their feeding programme can comprise of fruits. Nature Plan Toucan and Maynah Food includes real dried fruits. If it will be passed from another product, a proportional programme should be followed. On first day, 10% of the bird’s daily food need should be met by Nature Plan Toucan and Maynah Food and a 10%-increase should be done every 10 days. Ingredients: Wheat flour, soybean flour, concentrated soybean protein, dried apple, dried carrot, brewer’s yeast, ascorbic acid, canthaxanthin, tropical fruits aromas.

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