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Nature Plan Moist Egg Food 1000 g

Nature Plan Canary Egg Food, with the specially formulated content, is a unique and rich nutritional source for professional canary breeding. The product content is enriched by real honey and maximum vitamin & mineral support. In addition to easily digestible protein content, it is supported by marine algae (calcareous marine algae) and calcium. With the help of prebiotic (saccharomyces cerevisiae (CNCM I-1077)), probiotic (bacillus toyoi) and Omega-3 fat acids, it provides healthier and brighter feathers, more regular digestive system, stronger immune system. Moreover, yucca within the content helps to prevent the bad odors by absorbing ammonia in feces. The extra added lysine and methionine accelerates the optimal growth. Ingredients: Wheat flour, whole-grain wheat flour, pasteurised egg, cereals and seeds (hemp seed, niger seed, unshelled oat, flavoring and sugar , vegetable oil (palm oil), honey powder, marine algae (calcareous marine algae), yucca, prebiotic (saccharomyces cerevisiae (CNCM I-1077)), probiotic (bacillus toyoi), colorant which is allowed by European Union, vitamins & minerals, baking powders which allowed by European Union, aroma and antioxidant.

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