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Why Nature Plan?

Orijin Pet, which is one of the leader companies in small animal and bird food production field, manufactures Nature Plan and Polo brands in the same production line with Vitakraft brand, that Orijin Pet assumes the production in Turkey with Vitakraft GmbH/GERMANY production licence.

The basic aim of Nature Plan and Polo which are two young brands of pet industry is to come together with hobbyist in active and right values and high processing quality.

Nature Plan meets easily the high expectations of hobbyists with real honey, probiotic, prebiotic and quality & high value vitamin premixes.

The product difference is noticed by hobbyist in short time and it becomes an “adopted brand by customers”.

Nature Plan makes food production under “Optimum Nutrition Formula” for softbill/iron sensitive birds whose feeding with sensitive nutritional values is essential. At the same time, Nature Plan has the same sensitivity to all products which are crowned by the brand and bring together them with consumers “from nature with love.”

Did you know?