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Nature Plan Fruit Flavor and Honey exotic Finch Food 500 g

Nature Plan Finch Food; regarding the food habits of finch (incl. zebra finch, exotic birds) birds  in nature, has a composition which can meet the physical and biological needs of finch birds at maximum level. Moreover, it is a complete bird food which is supported by unique cereal mixtures, vitamins, prebiotics, probiotic, calcium and honey. Ingredients: Millet (white millet, yellow millet, red millet, black millet), canary seed, flax seed, wild seeds, oat seed, niger seed, CaCo3, oyster shell, prebiotic (saccharomyces cerevisiae (CNCM I-1077)), probiotic (bacillus toyoi), marine algae (calcareous marine algae), honey powder, vegetable oil, fruit flavor, colorants. Feeding Advice: It is advisable to feed nearly 10 gr per pet (1 tablespoon) daily.

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